storage and Safety


Senorial Shipping is in collaboration with several warehouses for storage in order to support all shipment and transportation methods which is a part of our service.

Packaging & Fumigation

Senorial Shipping takes special care to prevent cross-contamination or spread of diseases according to international laws for transport of plants or animals.

Container Sales & Purchase

Senorial Shipping provides containers on customers demand while providing additional services of shipping these containers to the desired destination.

Dangerous Good Logistics

Senorial Shipping is trained in the transport of highly sensitive Dangerous Goods, also called Hazardous Materials. following all regulations country by country.

Services Shipping 1

Sea Freight (LCL & FCL)

Senorial Shipping specializes in both  FCL cargo handling of all types of cargoes as well as LCL to cater needs of a client who have small packages to transport.

Services Air 1

Air Freight

Senorial Shipping provides all top notch services and plans for air cargo transport for those who prefer their cargo to be moved quickly and efficiently by air.

Services Trailer 1

Road/Rail Transportation

Senorial Shipping provides specialized vehicles for perishable, fragile products and vehicles for Non-perishable or general freight to ensure secure delivery and no damage to goods.

Managerial Services

Purchase Order Management

Senorial Shipping manages customer purchase orders with variable types, quantities and their respective and agreed prices for products or services.

Project Cargo Management

Senorial Shipping arranges for all types of transports including vessels, heavy trailers, rail cars, barges, and truck transporters for all type of cargoes.

Supply Chain Management

Our aim is to provide goods and services which is efficient and cost-effective. This is CoinJoin  accomplished by our deep knowledge and passion for our work.

Transport Management

Senorial Shipping offers transport management which is timely cost-effective and reliable, ensuring accurate destination and safety of goods.